Whether you’re a bricks and mortar store with a web presence, or solely selling online, your small business should have a blog. These days the internet is king, and you want to make sure that your small business is being located whenever a potential customer does an internet search for the products you offer. But how do you get your business in front of people on the internet? By blogging.

In this day and age, every small business should have a blog. Read on to find out how a blog can help your business.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

You’re an island way out in a large sea — how do people find you on the internet? Your small business should have a blog because each blog post is another page that is indexed from your site. When you have many indexed pages (blog posts) circulating on the internet, you have a greater chance of appearing in internet searches…organically. I stress the organic factor because you want to be reaching your customer base; those people who are actively searching for your product, or related items.

Affordable Marketing

If you’re a small business, especially one just starting out, your budget is likely small as well. Instead of throwing marketing dollars into expensive ad campaigns [that will likely ‘dry up’ as soon as you stop paying], hire a professional blogger to develop strong, sharable content for your business blog. Pair strong content with your social media platforms and internet searches, and you have a pretty solid marketing campaign.

The Power of Social Media

Every blog is content that can potentially be shared on social media. If you’ve invested time into your blog, or invested in a professional blogger, your blog will be full of rich content, perfect for sharing. A company with an absolutely brilliant business blog is Waremakers; they take a journalistic approach to storytelling, allowing customers to develop personal relationships with the products they carry, in addition to taking small nuggets of information away with them. Strong content, story development, and a new bit of information make great fodder for social media sharing.

Convert Web Traffic Into Leads

For this reason alone, every small business should have a blog. Potential customers are finding your site through internet searches and social media, but you don’t want to let them slip through your fingers just as you have an audience with them. Every blog post should have a call to action within. I repeat, every single blog post you publish needs to have a call to action. This can be done several ways: including a call to action within the text of your post, including a pop-up with a free/discounted offer or newsletter sign up, or a link to products themselves. Don’t let those potential customers leave your site without giving them an opportunity to learn more!

Added Value

One thing small businesses do extremely well is to provide personalized service to their customers, something big business doesn’t have the time or resources to do. Think of the last time you had to call with a question about a new product purchase or your computer — was your call answered by a human, or were you sent through a labyrinth of automated menus? Now think about your small business — is it you or an employee who answers the phone? This is what a blog does for your business; it allows you to connect with customers in a personal way, providing information about yourself, the products you offer, and establishes yourself as an authority.

Now that you know why every small business should have a blog, it’s time for you to take action! If you’re unsure where to begin, unable to find the time to devote to creating high quality content, or just need topic ideas to get started, contact me to discuss how I can help you!