Whether you need someone to get your business blog off the ground, take your blog to the next level, or you just lack the time to manage your blog yourself, it’s time to hire a professional blogger for your business. I know that this step can be a little scary, entrusting your brand’s public voice to someone else, but this is exactly why you need to hire a professional blogger.

While professional bloggers are skilled writers, able to adapt their voice to speak to your specific audience, we’re also adept researchers, allowing us to write with authority about a multitude of topics, and we know how to write SEO (search engine optimization) content for organic reach.

Wondering why and how to hire a professional blogger? Take a look at what to look for, and where to look, to take your business blog to the next level.

Think You Can’t Afford a Pro?

But, I don’t have the budget, you say. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can find quality bloggers at great rates — I used to be one of them! Many talented bloggers are eager to enter into the world of blogging for pay, but they need to get published on a site other than their own to get a start. I blogged for a small business for a year, getting paid very little while I built up a portfolio of work — the relationship was mutually beneficial and provided me with great experience (while I provided great content at a low price for the business). I will say, however, that going this route may not be the best if you’re looking to build a long-term relationship with your blogger (I left the aforementioned job once I began getting blogging jobs for 8x the rate).

What To Look For

You want to hire a blogger who is adept at storytelling. People are not inclined to read dry blogs with an academic tone, stuffed with statistics. Look for a blogger who writes with a conversational, approachable tone, and has the ability to smoothly integrate statistics within the story of the piece.

Where To Search

If you’re looking for someone to step in, learn your business, tone and customer base and create high quality content to drive traffic to your website, take a look at who’s writing your favorite blogs. These blogs can be business/company blogs, or even personal lifestyle blogs. Pinpoint a few of those blogs and reach out to the blogger writing them. Explain what you’re looking for, why you think that blogger is a good fit for you, and ask if s/he is available to write for you.

If you don’t regularly follow any blogs, or don’t know where to begin looking, take a look at who’s talking about your niche on social media. Do they have a blog? Do they have a large social media following?

Some of the best jobs I’ve gotten have been through social media, specifically Twitter. I’m not consistent with Twitter, so I’m sure I’m missing out on some great connections, but I do have a large social media following across the different platforms. This makes me appealing to businesses because I share each and every piece I write for other outlets on social media…


…which brings me to the topic of authority. There are many different types of authority out there, and only you can choose which is best for you. You can choose someone who is a “known” authority in your niche, which lends credibility to your blog (but they may be out of your budget). You can also choose someone who ranks well on the internet and on social media.

Klout, a website and app used to rank users by social influence, using social media analytics, on a scale from 1-100, is one product you can use to find influential bloggers. Another product you can use to find key influencers is BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo hit my radar during an interview, when the business owner told me that he was impressed by my internet authority. I’ve no idea what my score is (I don’t subscribe to BuzzSumo), but I do know that BuzzSumo is great for identifying the best content for your customers, as well as the writers behind the content being shared the most on the internet — definitely something to check out if you have the budget.

You can also ask the people you’re interviewing for some of their stats. I work for a freelance company that puts this information together in a public profile about me, for potential clients to search their database of writers. You can take a look at my stats below (note that the content performance stats only pertain to pieces I’ve written for the freelance company):

stats2Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.02.48 PM

Finally, I recommend looking for professional bloggers on a job board specifically for writers and bloggers. Sure, you can post a Craigslist or other online ad, but I can only imagine how time consuming the vetting process would be. If you need to find someone quickly, posting to a job board like ProBlogger is the way to go.

I’ll leave you with this — if you hire a budget blogger, you’ll typically get what you pay for, which is content mill-type blogs with little substance, research or quality. If you stumbled upon this post in your hunt for a blogger, why not contact me today to discuss how I can help your business?