My love for marketing goes back to the days before the internet became a behemoth in the marketing world. I’ve been starting small businesses since I was a teen, from bow making to vintage book sales, I’ve always prided myself in my ability to devise unique money-making ventures.

When I began pitching companies for sponsored content my personal blog, I knew that I had to present a unique spin to get past the gatekeepers and grab their attention (ahem, marketing). I turned my ability, to interweave storytelling with products, into a freelancing career creating content for businesses. I’ve written for B2B blogs, which tend to be a lot of the same information found elsewhere, but what I love to do most is write compelling articles for businesses. You’ve likely come across some of these articles, completely unaware that it was written to expand brand awareness and appeal to potential (and current) customers.


I’ve compiled a list of 4 of my favorite company blogs, mostly culled from my own experiences as a consumer; blogs that are creating compelling and valuable content as a part of their marketing strategy. I would be thrilled to write for any of these blogs!

1. Whole Foods

Whole Foods’ website is a gold mine if you’re looking for recipes, and I’ve been using it for years. When you head over to the Whole Story, Whole Foods’ blog, you’ll find an assortment of food-related information. What makes the Whole Story appealing is that they go beyond the standard recipe-sharing (you can use the main website for that) to discuss kitchen equipment & food trends, educate consumers about the foods they carry (more specifically, the more unique, lesser-known produce/grains they carry), as well as helpful tips for living a healthy, nourished lifestyle. I especially like their editorial planning, which is thoughtful mix of topics.

2. Uncommon Goods

I’ve been shopping from Uncommon Goods for years, and even registered there when I got married, so I’m not surprised that their blog, The Goods, is as unique and creative as the items they carefully select and purvey. Want to know more about the artist behind your favorite Uncommon good? Head to The Goods. Curious about the influence Uncommon Goods, goods are having in the sustainable and upcycled world? Read The Goods. Then there are the stories about, well, random things that are oh-so interesting. Seriously, take a read and tell me you’re not intrigued.


Whether or not you’re “into” reusable menstrual products, THINX’s Periodical is definitely a blog that ought to be on every socially conscious woman’s radar. Drawn in by their witty marketing campaigns, I became a THINX customer and a Periodical reader. Not only is every single customer interaction a hip and punny experience, but the company’s blog is a must read for thought-provoking articles geared towards the informed woman. I’m not really one for ‘girl-crushes’, but if I was, Periodical’s main writer, Emma Glassman-Hughes, would top my list.

4. Waremakers

I’ll be honest, I’m not really in the market for luxury goods, but Waremakers came to my attention through a job posting. Have you ever had a potential job, one that made you so excited that you daydreamed about all of the wonderful things you would accomplish there? That’s Waremakers for me. I applied for a writing position for THE BLOG, excited about writing content that was well-researched, intellectual and interesting; they’ve put hiring on hold while they move, so my dream may, indeed, become a reality. This article about razors is an example of what they’re doing [right].

Content marketing done well adds value to customer experience as well as providing the [organic] web marketing integral to reaching customers in today’s marketplace. I’d love to write for any of the blogs I mentioned here — what are some of your favorite company blogs?