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I’m Lauren B. Stevens, an award-winning writer and editor.

I write web copy, blogs, articles and SEO content for businesses. I have an extensive background in blog content management and use my writing and editing skills to help businesses reach their target audience through compelling and conversational blog posts and articles.

In my free time, I dabble in creative nonfiction and have won several awards for my writing. My essays are published both online and in print.

I’ve written about everything from cat dander (yes, cat dander) to encouraging small business development in up-and-coming urban areas. I’m a writer, an editor, a planner, a persuader, a researcher and a critical reader. I can also curl my tongue and pat my head whilst rubbing my stomach. Impressive, eh? Just think about the creative things I can do for your business!

Contact me today to discuss how I can help your business achieve its goals — I’m looking forward to working with you!

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